Prevent renaming of User Roles - (if custom fields added and there dependent Page Views exist)

Knacks functionality of linked records is very powerful.
e.g Insert a new record, Updating a connected record, Display a table of connected records.
I use this extensively within my app and have a lot custom fields in my User Roles. Having custom fields stored in the User Role is brilliant for populating related records using form rules and text formulas.

The problem I have is that on two occasions I have renamed a User Role and in doing so, it has deleted the custom fields in this table. The big problem is that if these custom fields disappear, it breaks all the tables, forms, and emails that are dependent on them to act properly. I should have learnt not to do this from last time, but it was several months ago and I had forgotten.
Knack support when I encountered this problem were absolutely brilliant. So there’s no complaints. However, now that it has happened again, I think there needs to a system control that prevents it happening again. Within the Builder: DATA> USER ROLES > Users > [Role Name] -> Settings> [Object Name].

I’d be happy if this field was non-editable once a custom field had been added to the Role. It would save a lot of stress and is not really a great limitation. Unfortunately - this issue occurred at the beginning of weekend when I doing some final housekeeping in App that is live with a new audience. I’ll now need to keep everyone out of the app until Knack are available to assist with fixing it.