Standard Fields in Every Object

It would be unbelievably useful if there were built-in fields for every object (with the ability to delete), such as the ones below:

1. Updated by

2. Created by

3. Date Created

4. Date Modified

This would make my life so much easier because I wouldn't have to remember to add form rules to every single form that I create. Some of my apps have 20 for one object! I've used other database builders, and many of them have this feature. It seems so easy yet very powerful. Also, a record history that can be displayed on a live app would be HUGE!

I agree with everything above. This would be VERY useful. All of the change history information already exists. Now just need to be able to access it in the live app.

Everything in the above post would make Knack much easier to use.

YES PLEASE! In addition to those four, I'd appreciate Record ID so I don't have to remember to add an auto-increment field to every object.

I also second the request for a live-app-visible record history. In higher tier Knack accounts, the record history is available via the Builder, but I'd love to be able to surface it to users instead of having to create my own version and add a million Record Rules.