Record ID available in the builder

Our app has a large number of different objects ranging from business entity details to assets and other mechanical items. We created a “Tasks” object so we could perform work on the different objects, and record the history for future viewing. As a result, we created a link between the Task object to each additional object.

Knack does not allow us to access the record ID of an object natively in the builder of via any method in a field, which is a huge shortcoming for our use case. Emails being sent under the “Task” object should give users a link to the “connected object” so they can review the work, but I cannot obtain the connected object’s record ID and thus I cannot create a link in the email for users to follow.

This is the biggest problem we face regarding the inability to access the Knack record IDs inside the table itself, but we have plenty of other situations where this data would be valuable. If there was a way that Knack could add some kind of “read-only” field directly to each object displaying each record’s Knack ID alongside the other fields, this would be tremendously valuable for us. It would solve a lot of problems and increase our ability to use the system tenfold.


I agree. Please upvote this existing feature request: Expand access of Record IDs in builder

I agree! We should see the IDs in the UI.