Best Practices 1: Standard Object Fields

Thought to give back to some Knack/database newbies, share some of the things I've learned.

I see myself having a need for the following fields for most objects:

1) Date Created

2) Date Updated

3) Created by (user)

4) Updated by (user)

5) ID # (auto increment field)

^I find it is always better to include these fields when you first create an object, and delete them at a later date if there is no need for them, rather then to build it in after the fact.

I also think that building those core fields into each object will make your life easier going forward.

Maybe these things are covered in "Database 101" ... ???

*It is also a good idea to foresee all the possible User Types and create them at the very beginning also...

To add to this, you need to setup each form so that it records and updates the above fields.