Allowing edit option only for user who created the records?

Scenario: All users can add data to the form. Form automatically records the user name. All users can see the created records but only the user who created the records can edit them.

Any ideas how to achieve this, any help will greatly appreciated?






You can handle this by creating a "Super-User" role and adding certain key support people. I did this in my app and called them admin. I theh created views for that group that allowed them (in  my case) edit People's profile for them etc. regards Noel

Noel Dillane, thanks again for the support, it works, I think I understood the concept :), I've added this as an option so the users can view/edit own records from there, and as you previously wrote it's easier to do this way, the only trouble is that my team decided they wan't to keep the previous option and be able to edit the records created by others falling under same user case someone is on holiday.. so I have a few user roles where there is only one user, and user roles where can be 4 users... 

The Chrome extensions works fine, thanks again.

FYI - Install this for field/view numbers

I can transfer the prototype to your builder account (via app support) 

email me at noel AT

I can walk you through this on a quick video call if you want (no charge)

Noel Dillane, this is good, really good :), plus you can display the field/ view number (next to settings gear icon) - cool.

I see your whole edit side is on the user pages side..interesting

So you connect what to what.. is there a way you can explain this please? Seems like I'm missing a lot..

Managed to create a page and playing with it seem to work, already had connection..

How do you display the field name/ number please, is there a magic option?

Honestly, I still don't see the issue.  You can use user pages to do this IMO and I believe it would be easier to do an maintain. 

My users can add MULTIPLE  (no limit these could easily be tickets in your case that are associated with themselves

These are viewable by ALL and editable by logged in user only

I created a test app here to show you how this is possible.

I have set up two users and password for both is test.

Login as one of these users and add a few tickets using the "my tickets" menu

Then go to ALL tickets menu and you will see all the tickets for both users

any any time you can go to "my tickets" and edit your own tickets but not the tickets of others

This uses no JS - you just need to create a connection between the account and the ticket - see screen shots![](upload://669Gh4OxN5qMCVpp05iC9p5qZD1.png)![](upload://oL38b2j31DPkU43yCBGFABx4Gta.png)

Note the keys above in the screen shot

If this is useful let me know and I can transfer to your builder

All the best




Noel, your user will only need to edit one entry with data when in my case multiple users need to be able to create multiple records and be able to edit those multiple records created by them.., hope this make sense :),

So far managed to achieve this by creating lots of rules what and when to display, basically based on 4 pages, 

1 view all records, - every user can see all the records, link to details

2 add new record - every user can add records

3 view details - details of the record, contains button linked to edit page based on the rules - as I know all the users I've set the set of rules so only users who created the records will see it.. otherwise they won't be able to go to edit page

3 edit details - based on the rules, this also contains rules similar to view page in case the user lands here somehow, if the user didn't create the record it will be redirected to view page..

In my case simple java script would do the job..I'm trying to learn it but the knack side of it seem to be too confusing for me right now..


Hi Henryk,

I currently have an APP built  - its an internal directory of personnel for a client  company. 

All users can see all records but can only edit their own record. 

Is this not fundamentally what you are trying to achieve ? All users can see tickets but creator/logged in user can edit a specific ticket 

Screen shot below (dummy data)



Those pages are created under "User Pages" in the builder 

So in my app the logged in user can edit their own profile and add or edit their (colleague) business

But I also created separate views that allow ALL user VIEW (only) this data



Just trying to help here sorry if this is just frustrating you😫



Noel Dillane, 

Could you not just create two different page views for the creator and Viewer with different settings i.e. turn off edit on the one you want to limit. This is fundamental functionality of Knack ??

Do these two articles address this requirement ?

I would like the creator of the ticket to be able to edit only, thing you suggest won't work, yes I'm aware of this fundamental functionality, I need something where I can take a creator name compare with the logged in user and show or hide edit button/ options.. Add rules to hide views can only be done for the user roles..but not for single users.. the articles refer to simple scenario but don't cover what to do in my case.. at the moment I did it based on the user role but I have a few users under one user role so it get's complicated..

Do these two articles address this requirement ?

Could you not just create two different page views for the creator and Viewer with different settings i.e. turn off edit on the one you want to limit. This is fundamental functionality of Knack ??