Form that allows user to select who can view records

Hi, I am a reasonably new user to Knack, and can't work out how to do this :

I have created a form to input details/minutes of staff meetings, but I want the manager who is signed in to be able to select who has access to view the records.

In each case, I want the logged in user to have access to the record created (I have worked out how to do this).

But I also want the logged in user to be able to select on the form what other managers can view the records. This is what I'm struggling to achieve in conjunction with the first requirement.

I have given each manager an individual login, and grouped them in a User Role called "Managers".

Any help would be appreciated.


Ahhhhhh, got it! All works now.

Hadn't seen that before. Thanks so much for your help - very much appreciated :)

Thanks for this info :)

Ok so I have set up as you said. My "Can read" connection is called "Management Present", and my "Author" connection is called "Management (Added by)".

I have setup the form rule to auto populate the Management (Added by).


The issue I can't sort out is when I go to add the table data source. There is no option to select BOTH "Management Present" AND "Management Added By". I can get both to work in the Live App individually, but for the life of me I can't find a way to make them both work together. Am missing a step somewhere?



Thanks for the reply Loic! Much appreciated. I'll have a play around with that and see how I go.