How to record who the logged in user is when a record is created

Please could someone tell me how I can setup knack so when a user creates a record the record also stores the users name.

Eg If you were booking a calendar event for a staff member, but the staff member has a further question about the booking and wants to ask who ever made the booking/created the record more about it.

Thank You

Sounds great Abeer, thank you!. I will set it up!

Hi Paul,

This is actually simple and i use it a lot. I usually just create 2 connections to the accounts in the same object. In your case, in your bookings object, the first 1-to-many connection to account object would be named “booked/created by” which i’ll use a form rule to have this set as the logged in user who’s making the booking. And the other 1-to-many connection to account object would be named “Booking for or Staff member” and this will be included in form to be choosed from.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have more questions about this.