Restricting what members of my membership app can see

Apologies in advance if this is a basic question.... How do I show a member only their data and nobody else's when they log in.

I'm looked at this support page as it has a section on this and when adding a table to choose the records connected to the logged in user, but when I try to do that with members it doesnt give me that option, I'm thinking because there are no records like invoice or projects or whatver that are connected to my members.

In this case the only data that i want to display is the user actual name, email, phone number etc that are the fields for that member object.

Any help much appreciated

Id suggest installing this app and taking a look (in builder) at how they did this (which is what the article you linked earlier describes)

I used this approach and found it easier to implement once I saw it on another app

Hi David,

thanks for your suggestion,but it  is protected by the login (it has the key symbol) - i'll keep tinkering with it and see if I can work it out

Hey Jonathan,

I suspect you are trying to display the data you mentioned on a page that is not protected by a login. If it is, you will see it nested within a login page like so: Once it is protected by a login, you will be able to add a details view of the logged in account containing the information you're looking to display.

If you would like further help with this or anything else related to Knack or custom development, feel free to contact me at! :)