How Do I Assign Tasks to Different User Roles?

I’m making a task list and I’d like to be able to assign the task to a logged in user. In my company I have “Team Members” and “Managers” as User Roles. Have can I have one fielded called “Responsible” and have the connection to both “Managers” & "Team Members?

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Based on your described requirements, you can make the Responsible field an Account Connection Field. This setup would allow you to have one field called Responsible which could be occupied by the Manager and Team Member roles, because all user roles have Account as the parent object. Just be aware that the Account record ID is different than the record IDs given in User Roles (e.g. Manager, Team Member).

Another workaround is to have two Responsible fields (Responsible Manager and Responsible Team Member) but on your page, check the option to “hide empty columns” under Table Settings and set both columns to say “Responsible”. The live app tables will show one Responsible column, although your records will have two Responsible fields and one will always be empty.

Hope this helps.

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Didn’t even know the “Account” was a connection field option! Thanks! This answers a lot of my other questions as well.

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Hi @Vincent

I would go one stage further and make a general recommendation NOT to link connection fields to User Roles (I never do after seeing the mess one of my clients got in their system before I got involved).

The problem is, as @KnackPros said, that the ID a user has is different in each user role - so to take your example, if a person changed role all of their assignments would no longer be connected to their records and you would have no idea who they were assigned to completed by etc.

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