Multiple User Roles, Menus, etc

HI. I’ve put together an app that has multiple user roles. The way my app operates today, I feel is awkward. The menus for all the login pages appear, and when one is logged in with one role, other menu boxes comment “you are not authorized for this view”. Another thing I find awkward is the need for every login to have its’ own page. Why not have all people, a single login screen?
What’s the secret to build an app in Knack that has multiple role logins, and eliminates the awkwardness of these couple things? @CarlHolmes , I saw an earlier reply to a message that asked details. My intent is to have filtered views based on the user role, although nearly identical capabilities (edit, etc.). I’m not that fancy, but more fancy that there’s a lot of granularity. Let me know your best practice for the “front-end”, or the best sample apps from Knack that could be used as a guide? Thanks!

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@JoeJAZ - you might find using a home page redirect method will help with the first issue.
Happy to connect with you if you want to chat.

Home Page Redirect - Knack Database

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Thank you Carl.

Your help is always so excellent!