Linking User Roles

Hi Team,

In out app we have two role types;
Everyone is Role A but some people are Role A and Role B. Currently the two roles are linked with a standard connection field.

Once a user is entered in Role A they can then be added into Role B. The trouble I’m having is Role A contains a great deal of information about the user including a unique identifier however once the user is given the added role of role b that information doesn’t automatically connect to the user unless done so manually by setting the connection field to the relevant user in role a. The reason for the significance is a further role, role c can login and see the data in role b.

My question - is there a way that when a user is given Role A and Role B roles the link is automatically created?

I hope that makes sense.

Hi @Joel1

There is often confusion around the “Accounts”
object and “User Roles”.
In my experience I put all additional fields into the accounts object and just use the user roles to control access to pages and views.

It sounds like you have fields in Role A that you are trying to replicate into Role B.

This would require copying data between user roles which starts to get very complicated. You are also duplicating and replicating data for a user.

If you just use the accounts object the user role just acts as access to pages and views.

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Hi @CarlHomes, thanks so much for the quick response. In all honesty my understanding of the differences between Accounts and user roles has grown over the past few and this was my working suspicion as to where I had gone wrong. Given that I shall adapt the accounts vs user roles.

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Sorry @CarlHomes you’ll have to excuse my ignorance. I’ve adjusted the entire database to facilitate your recommendations which has made a world of difference. A further explanation/question

All users are in the users tab. In terms of roles I have a ‘Guardian’ and a ‘Ward’ these purely delegate access to certain pages. The intention is a guardian can be assigned wards log in and see them. However when I delegate a user ‘Ward’ access their information cant be displayed to the guardian unless I have a connection between ‘Ward’ and the ‘User’ and then manually select the correct user and then add connection fields to the guardian log in page. I hope that makes sense. I basically want this information to come across automatically so we dont have to assign someone ward access and then manually connect them to their relevant user record.

Hi @Joel1 - I’m glad my advice has been helpful so far. Unfortunately, I’m struggling to visualise your scenario. It’s likely a lot easier to unpack if I can see what you’re tying to do.
I’m happy to connect and provide one-on-one tutoring on an hourly basis should you wish.

Thanks Carl - Are you in a position to send me an email at Thank you.