Display a Table that shows records connected to an object 3 layers deep

We have the current object structure set up:

Sales Reps(user)



Door Types

Currently Sales reps are connected to a Job (1>Many)

Jobs are connected to a Room (1>Many)

and Rooms are connected to Door Types (1>Many)

So for example we will have a Job with an assigned sales person that will have many rooms, each room will have one door type.

I would like to create a table on the "Job" Details page that shows the Connected door types and lists the rooms that each door type is present in. Ex. the Madison (door type) and then a rooms column that lists: kitchen, bathroom 1, etc.

I have no issue creating these lists when the connection is just one deep. However, when I attempt to do this in this situation, I have no access to the Door Types data source on the Job details page when I create a table.

Does anyone have any insight on this?

Thanks in advance,

Eddie San Juan

Hey Eddie,

Did you ever work out how to do this? Drives me crazy. Thanks