"Show" only records with conditions two layers deep. Hide other records

I would love to be able to only "show" records in a drop down that are connected two layers deep in connections. My particular example is this:

- I have an object called Resident and an object called Resident Agreement. That are connected to one another.

- Also connected to Resident is Assisted Living Residence.

- When working on the Resident Agreement object I'd like to be able to show only records attached to a specific Assisted Living Residence.

School scenario:
Student is connected to Schools and Clubs. Would like to show Club records only attached to a specific School through the Student record. Johnny goes to Scotland Elementary School and is in the Chess club. While in the Club records, an administrator would like to only show Club records connected to Johnny's School.

Hi! Could you write in to us at support@knack.com for help on this setup if you haven't already done so? By using the "Connection Field Show Option" on a view you should be able to set up this workflow. Our "Create Dynamic Dropdowns in Forms" help article might also point you in the right direction on this workflow.