Conditional Views

Show / Hide views based on Record Values

This is now available under Page Rules! You can learn more here:

 Yes!  We need to show or hide detail views from connected records based on the value of a field.

For Example:  If an account is TYPE = Customer, then we show related details for products they have purchased. If an account TYPE is NOT a Customer, then we don't have these empty tables cluttering up the detail view.

It would be great to have the option to hide tables that are empty - or hide them based on other fields.

Yes, this is something I'd like as well. Especially for hiding empty table views when there are no records, or menus with links to subpages when the status of the object does not allow certain workflows.

I don't have any re-usable code, and what I've done isn't ideal because it happens on the client side where clients can actually see parts of the screen disappearing, depending on when the hooks activate. Best for it to happen on the server side instead...

I'll vote for this one too - Mark if you've achieved this with Javascript can you share some code?

Funny that you created this one Nicolas, I was just about to add it in! This would make a big difference, and is a bit of a pain to write the javascript to do this kind of thing too. Would allow for a much richer UI experience when able to be leveraged.