Check for value in another view on page

Is there any way of to hide a view based on the value from another view on that same page?

For example: I have a view (#view_223) which has field_530 with a span value of "Yes". I want to show another view (#view_224) only if this field is set to "Yes". If its empty or "No" it should hide (#view_224).

The 2 views are coming from different database objects (in case that matters).

Is this possible? Any ideas how I can go about doing this?


We do this a lot and the trick is to use Knack.models in the Javascript window - first seen in this post here and it's worth studying the code for other ideas:

Here's a snippet from an app of ours - alter the views and fields for yours:

    var data_view_392 = Knack.models['view_392'].toJSON();
    var field_555 = data_view_392.field_555
if (field_555 == 'Yes') {
} else {
}</pre><p>Both view_392 and field_555 in this example must be on screen to work, and you can use this approach inside a screen or view render handler.</p>

I have snippet of code that does something similiar that I could modify for this situation.

Question though - is the yes/no field we're talking about, is that a field the user is selecting, or detail of exisiting record?