Record Connections w. Checkboxes in Form

I want to use radio buttons instead of a drop down in my live app’s form. My connected object has 500+ records, however the form is set to show only a subset of those record which is always less than 500.

This article states with 500+, drop down is the only option. Is there any way around this limit given the actual filtered records will be less?

We use our app to log attendance for 10-200 children at once, and using the drop down is much slower than radio buttons would be.

How does the app/user know what’s the subset of eligible children? Or are them 10-200 random children? Tell us a bit more about the specific use case

In the form (for logging attendance on specific dates), users first select a parent record (class), and then the form displays only records (students) connected to that class. So, there are more than 500 students in the system overall, but always fewer in each class.

Hi @Brittany - not sure if this is what you’re looking for to limit the child options.

Dynamic Dropdowns - Knack Database

Thanks- I do have a Dynamic Dropdown, but from there I am hoping that the records can be attached via radio buttons instead of dropdown. This is simply because it takes a long time to select each record from a dropdown, and would be quicker to click a radio button.

You can change to checkboxes rather than a drop down as shown in my video. Simply change this on the connection. You’ll need check boxes rather than radio buttons, radio buttons only allow a single selection. :smile:

Thanks- I updated the language to be clearer about checkboxes vs. radio buttons. What I’m struggling with is that I have checkboxes selected as my connection format already, but it still lists as a dropdown.

I am quite sure this is happening because of this:

How the connection field appears depends on the number of records in the connected object. When the connected object has fewer than 500 records, the connection field shows as a dropdown or radio button, depending on the Format set on the connection field. The dropdown option allows users to scroll through or search the connected records before selecting one.

When the connected object has 500 or more records, you will only have the option to search the connected records.

My connected object has more than 500 records, but with dynamic dropdown is fewer than 500. I’m wondering if there is a way around the overall 500 limit if the dynamic dropdown record count is fewer than 500.