Connected record selection view

I have connected tables together correctly, but when inputting a new record, need to select the record in the child field to be associated. The drop down for this shows only data from the first field in the connected table. I assume this is the key field, but somewhat irrelevant. In order to select the correct record, I need to be able to show 1 or more fields of my choice from the child table. Usually this gets done in a query or something, but not sure how to do it here.


Not sure I understand your use case. Not sure why you need to select an option from the child table when adding a parent record. This would normally be done with record rules when adding the parent record.
If you’d like to connect to show me your particular scenario let me know.

Maybe I am using parent/child incorrectly. It isn’t really important. Please disregard that part.

I am creating a record and want to link it to records from 2 other tables. I have 2 connected fields with drop downs to let me select a record from each of those other tables. When I press the drop down, it shows me the data inside 1 and only 1 of the fields in each of those tables. That is not enough for me to make an informed decision as to which record to connect to. I would like to be able to select multiple fields in each table to be displayed when I press the drop down so I can select correctly. Perhaps this is clearer.


That makes more sense :blush:

Add a Text Formula field to your child object(s) and concatenate the various fields. Then set this Text Formula field as the Display Field.

This may help:

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