Adding connected records

Database layout:

Object 1 has one-one with Object 2

Object 2 has one-many with Object 3

Currently, in the app, you can open a page to add Object 1 and you add an Object 2 from the page.

On the add page for Object 2, You can't add Object 3. There is no option in the builder to allow you add more options.

Hi Dan -
Can you correct me if I'm misunderstanding you? If I'm following you correctly, this set up is possible.

I have a Grandparent to Parent connection set up, one-to-one.
Then, I have a Parent to Child connection set up, one-to-many.

On my Add Parent form, on the connection field for the Parent to Child connection, the Custom Options checkbox to "Allow users to add new options" is available.

Yes, I need the same thing.