Insert multiple connected records with out hitting submit between records

I have accomplished the task but I am trying to sort out if there is a better, or more efficient way to do this.

Object Children
Object Families

When completing a form for a new family, insert records for the children.

Add new connected records is enabled.

Additional Problem:
For each family that has between 3-10 children, I must click add new record, fill in one child’s information, click submit and repeat for each child. Then fill in the rest of the family information and submit the family record.

Is there any way to click add new record and have a plus button or something on the input to allow me to fill in the form for multiple children at one time or will I forever be stuck adding the kids to the family 1 at a time?

I have tried just bulk uploading them by first uploading the families so the records were there, then uploading the children but the connected record of family doesn’t populate when I bulk upload through the .csv. So the families and children have to be manually connected which is difficult especially with repeated children names. Not sure if it is faster to bulk upload and then correct what didn’t get assigned or to just to deal with the “add new record” “Submit” “Repeat” method but I thought I would ask if there were any ways to add multiple records at one time before hitting submit on the add new record field.

My form currently looks like this:

When I select Add new option I get a singular child add form, I would like to be able to add many directly inline. Is this possible?


Hello Chelsea: 

What I have done in similar situations is that I create a blank parent record (without fields) and insert several child records in form rules, and it redirects to a form in edit mode, now it is a change, but it works as if it were a new record. Below the parent data, I show a table in edit mode for the children to be captured. Once the records of the children that were not used are updated they do not appear anywhere.
You can see it in a temporary link:

I hope you find it useful.




Hi Chelsea,

I have the same problem. Could you please tell me how you accomplished this?
Much appreciated.

Kind regards

If I understand you correctly without javascript this isn’t a native function but I think the best way would be to create a Family and then a table that displays Families with a Details View. On the page with a Details View you can also have a Table View of all the connected Children and a Form that adds Children to the Family in the Details View.