Record Rule to insert multiple records

It would be nice for invoice and purchase order systems to be able to create multiple connected records each time 1 form is submitted. Example, a PO has an X amount of line items, each with Y number of units of different products.

Marking this PO as received should create Y records for each line item with unique ID's. Imagine you buy 5 cars. Each car is obviously different so you want the individual car in your database, especially if you will modify them for customers. You bought them in bulk, but now they are individual records. At the moment you can only insert 1 connected record. The # of records inserted should also be able to tie into a field, such as Quantity.

Anyone have a workaround in the meantime?


Well, I do that work around similarly - I have a PO Details page that first shows a form for the PO itself, then a table of PO Line Items underneath, with an Add Line Item button under the Line Items table. I have the Add PO form redirect to the PO Details page after submission and it all works rather well.

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Might take you up on that Mark, I am guessing you could write in a way that could be easily modified for various applications? Ideally the language would be based on the view/scene numbers and I could just change them out.

Just to show how I "worked around" this for the moment is I have two objects, a PO and a PO Line item. The form to add a PO just redirects you to the PO details page which has an "Add Line Item" Form. This works OK but is a little cumbersome on the back end.

Yes, would be nice but hard to implement. I can write some javascript code for you to do so if you would like, just email me:



I'd love this too!