Insert Connected Records with Multi-Select

I am wondering if there is a way to enable users to select multiple records from one table and then have them all added to another table in one go rather than just adding connected records one by one. For example, let’s say I have a catalogue of items and I want user to be able to click a check box in the catalogue table and then have all these items appear in the Shopping Cart table. See my example below. A user has checked items 2,5, and 7. When they click “submit”, I would like those selected records written to the Shopping Cart table.

Thanks for any advice on this subject.

Knack doesn’t natively provide the ability to select multiple records from a table, so you’ll need to use JavaScript.

  1. Using JavaScript, add checkboxes to the table and a button.
  2. The user selects items from the table and clicks the button.
  3. When the button is clicked, the JavaScript submits each selected record to a form that adds a Shopping Cart item, using a View-Based API request.

Hope this helps.

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