Clicking / Selecting Records on Screen Quickly

When we were first designing our application. There was a request to make it mobile friendly, and make the records quickly selectable. 

Aside from using the forms to create a many-to-many connection (breaking the Second Normal Form rule), we found Knack's provided method of creating checkboxes useful, but limiting.

In the field we work in, people have big fingers, and sometimes can't see the tiny checkboxes.  

So our team got to work, and took this feature a step further by enabling clickable rows, with input fields in-line with your table records. Depending on your situation, clicking on rows may be all you need. 

The records then get posted when you submit the "Create Material Transfer" form OR ({INSERT YOUR FORM HERE}). Tying the items selected, to the record on the form you've submitted.

Examples where we make use of this:

  • Selecting Items to be Picked on a Pick Ticket
  • Selecting Items to move on a Material Transfer
  • Selecting Line Items to Reconcile on an Invoice

In the example below, we have your standard Knack table. Our javascript function enables the following:

  • DoubleClick the rows to select one item
  • Input a value that can validate against another column
  • Trigger a warning (outside of the Knack warnings)
  • Select all values with a simple button click.


The cool part is, this is all the code you'll need to add:


Think this could add value in your Knack app(s)? See the demo here.

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Update: Check out the demo here.

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