Checkboxes in Tables - Javascript code help

Hi all

Need some help.  Followed the advice in this article to create checkboxes in my tables.

Now I need to process the records that are ticked.  This is where I am at a loss.

How do I monitor the checkboxes and do something if they are ticked?

The easiest would be to add a command button to the screen that executed some javascript - but I cant see a way to do this in KNACK.

Can anybody get me started with

a) How to monitor the rows in a table to look for the checked box.

b) How then to execute code to update the database

Appreciate any help our guidance that can be offered.



 Hi Mark, and the All !

I too ran into this problem. I do not know how to perform any actions on selected check the records. I'm not familiar with JQuery, I have no programming skills. I would like to make it as a Knack-Builder batch editing. Something like this:

Only such action to be in the interface (the view) in the tables.
Can anyone be able to help make JQuery script, for example, in to inline editing change in the fields concerned all the marked boxes of records.

Have any ideas?

P.S. Sorry for my English...)

Nope - I am actually looking to hire somebody to help me as I dont have the time to learn.  Unfortunately I dont have any takers just yet.

Mark - did you ever figure this out? 

Hi Mark-

Adding a button to the page and a click handler is your standard jQuery.

The code at the end of that article would be added to the click handler to get the IDs for every record that's checked.

This is somewhat advanced so if you aren't comfortable with jQuery this will likely be a challenge.