Batch updates in the app (not in builder)

I need on frontend of my app select multiple records and perform action over those records. Is this possible somehow or is there workarounds to have on frontend checkbox to select multiple records? Thanks

Would this work in your scenerio?

Also see -

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There have been a few examples of this feature request floating around the forum under the API & Customizations category, but I encourage anyone who wants to implement this themselves to take a look at this post by Nic: Update multiple records with a checkbox. It employs and expands upon one of the custom code examples we have in our dev docs (Add checkboxes to a table).

This request is still on our radar as a potential built in feature, but we hope that gives you an avenue to implement this yourselves in the meantime. Thanks!

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Hi to all,

If ever you’re still interested, I have a complete solution that implements Bulk Edits and even Bulk Delete operations. It works on most data types, including connected records.

It is part of my Knack Toolkit Library (KTL). See it here, in pre-release: Introducing the Knack Toolkit Library (KTL) in pre-relase - by Cortex R&D Inc - Knack Community - Knack Community Forum

The cool thing, is that it works on all views, and you don’t need to code anyting. Just a bit of setup and a few configuration parameters will do the job.

As a bonus, you get tons of other cool features, like User Filters, numeric validation, Auto-Refresh on views, and more.