Update Multiple Records at once

In the builder there is an option to select multiple records and update them all at once.

I'd like to be able to do this on the app side. Similar to being able to do a bunch of inline editing actions in a batch.

My hope is that a feature like this would already have much of the programming already in place to implement this feature.


+3....would make changes much easier


You know, in Caspio it is very easy. I am using caspio from last 1 year. But I don't really understand the boundary of knack of having these features.

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Desperate for this feature




Plus nth(x)
This would make apps we are making ultimately more usable.


I desperately need this feature as well.


This would be a Very useful feature for me.


This would be a massive time saver for users as currently they either need to ask a builder to do it for them or update records one by one.


Yes, this is really a UX shortcoming in this platform. One of the first things users are going to have problems with.

As soon as you check a “Inline editing” even if it is only one column that will be editable, the view should have a button “save changes”. So that the user can change all the fields and only submit the changes after all are edited.

As it is now, if you want to check or uncheck a box, you have to click 3 times, one to open the popup, then select the checkbox, and the third one to save the change. That is very user-unfriendly and not logic to do it this way. Knack has great potential, bit this is a very big disappointment.


Hi @PatrickHot45498, @TonyMendoz89128, @TanmoyMitr48693, @AlagoLowe, @Guilhermeb42087,

here is a makeshift for batch updating in the app.

Knack (login details: tt@articulao.de & “tooltip”).

Please ignore the columns A and B.

In the next column, you can select rows for a batch update of Column C or D. Once you have selected some rows, click on the column head of Column C and enter your new value.

It is by no means perfect and could serve as a starting point for further ideas.


WOW! excellent @Wolfgang_Brötz . Thanks

You include a link to a pop-up page inside a table column title. Nice idea.

Many uses indeed.

It boggles my mind that Knack does not have a front end/app ability to do group selections/batch updates. This is a fundamental feature of a database and Knack’s completely overlooking it is making me look seriously at ANY other platform. Users have been wanting/needing this for many years.

Hi @Wolfgang_Brötz ,

I like your idea on the batch update. can you please tell me how to build on the data and page section? I cannot quite figure this out.

Thank you very much.

Hi @Peter8,

i have used the rule “update connected records”, below is the help text:

After i launched this, i noticed the KTL of @NormandDefayette_CortexRD which i really recommend. He has a Youtube channel with explainer videos. In the KTL, you find “Bulk Edit” and even “Bulk delete” which is much more powerful than my little demo.

"This table connects with the account table.

By clicking or unclicking rows,

** you include or remove these rows from the batch update.*
** and you connect with or disconnect rows with the logged-in user.*

Clicking on the column head of Column C or Column D opens a form updating the logged-in user’s account.

Submitting this form will trigger a record rule updating all connected records and resetting the selectors of the connected records.12

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Thanks Wolfgang for the great comments, I appreciate it.

A few days ago, I also added a few features:

  1. Reuse Last Source for Bulk Edit: allows selecting a new set of records and apply the same last changes again and again.
  2. Bulk Copy: to create multiple copies of a selected record. This comes from a request form users here.

If you have more requests, use the GitHub page here and create an issue with the label enhancement:
KTL Feature Requests and Issues


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Hey Knack folks…is this something you’re working on? Batch actions on records is/should be a very basic function of any relational database. The builder can do it but the front end can’t. It’s long past ridiculous that this function isn’t available on the front end. Make it happen.


Hey Matthew
Thanks for reaching out on here. Although I am not able to comment on exactly what is included in upcoming releases, I do know that @Kara is very active on these forums and takes all the Feature Requests into account when planning! The best thing to do here is to Vote on a feature request to make sure we can see that it is something that is wanted/needed.

Great news! We hope it is coming soon.

multiple records updating is what we need.


Hi @Veerawong ,

The Knack Toolkit Library offers Bulk Edit for free and it works really well. No need to wait anymore.

See it in action here in this video:
(986) KTL Demo #4 - Improved Bulk Edit - YouTube

There’s even Bulk Copy and Bulk Delete. And a ton of other cool features.
See all documentation here: cortexrd/Knack-Toolkit-Library: Knack Toolkit Library (github.com)

Normand D.