Allow users to perform batch update

As a live app user, I want to update many records at once so that I can speed up my workflow.

User Scenario: My client is building a database that will have over 10000 items. They will require to change the status of an item from time to time. eg the may need to move 100 panels from site"A" to site "B" they should be able to perform a batch update via the Live App.

Would really like to see this implemented as well. Although, this code posted was very helpful. It does work for users to batch update to a point. Once you start getting up about 100 records it tends to get stuck, but if you refresh you can re-run for what it missed after it got stuck.

This would save a lot of work for me as well.

Right now, I get around this by using the inline editing function. It's a lot of busy work.

A life saver, can't wait to have this implemented

Can't wait for this implementation

I join in - YES. This would be a major upgrade well utilize.

Adding myself to this group. Also a must for any apps that manage large amounts of data

This would be awesome.


I fully agree,

there are several fundamentals missing to create a TRUE CRM, and batch update is one of them ...

Even a simple label print export (done daily) cannot be flagged as 'DONE' which means there's no sure way of re-exporting duplicates unless flagged individually, or we give customers access to the database utilities ...

YES! This is a must have. This would allow my customers to manage their own records, for example if I could give them the ability to "delete" various records, which would really just be a batch update setting some record field, like a status, to "unavailable". Otherwise they have to contact "support" i.e. me to get the records cleared out. Very tacky.

For my customers, this will end the last reason they have to keep using spreadsheets!

I have a project group who want to use one of my new apps (knack) as a 'tracker' for multiple projects. every day, staff update a spreadsheet with actions achieved, status changes, forecast and actual dates etc. It is constant update of many records at one time. They are currently floundering with the inherent data integrity issues with shared spreadsheets, and batch updating is the last hurdle i need to jump


Oh, I also need to batch update for users. To make it from the view interface. I just saw this topic, and not knowing himself has created similar recently …
I like this idea!

something look like this wish here

and here


me too, we have an expense app for our sales guys, where we can approve, decline. we have 25 field sales guys, it would be good to allow our manages to batch to approved where it was open,

(Conditional batch update like you have)

Would really like this too!

Another use case: Our users export selected records from time to time and we need a way to prevent the same record from being exported twice. A batch update could be used to set a flag, for example.

How is batch updating still not implemented? We can do it through the builder. Every other relational database platform can do it. It’s a basic function and needed when dealing with large amounts of data. So how has Knack been ignoring this necessary function for so many years?

I’m a more recent user but already looking to switch platforms due to not being able to batch update records through the app.

It’s a joke at this point. So sick of googling how to do something in knack, only to find decade old threads asking for the same thing. How on earth is this an edge case???