What is the status on check boxes and bulk updates on the front end?

What is the status from Knack on using check boxes to select multiple records and do a bulk update on the front end? This has been a request/need from multiple people since 2015 and it’s been talked about as about to roll out this year…but still nothing.

This is a basic function of EVERY. SINGLE. DATABASE. ON. THE. PLANET. except Knack.

Is it happening or not? If it’s not then I’m ditching Knack immediately.

All technologies present tradeoffs. Knack strikes a balance between ease of use, affordability, and flexibility, in my opinion. If you believe another database aligns more closely with your needs, then by all means utilise it.

Every day it’s looking more and more like other options are the smarter way to go.


You could look at utilising KTL where you can do bulk updates on the front end Features Overview · cortexrd/Knack-Toolkit-Library Wiki · GitHub

I use KTL and the features it adds to Knack make a lot of things easier.



Hi @Matthew_Freed,

We understand how important the functionality of selecting multiple records for bulk updates is, and we appreciate your patience.

This is on our product roadmap and we are actively working on a new grid that supports this functionality. However, we don’t have a specific timeline for its release in the Live App yet.

We understand if this uncertainty impacts your decision regarding the use of Knack and hope to continue supporting your database needs while working on this. If you’d like to see our current work-in-progress and give feedback on it, please let me know and I’d be happy to set this up.

I’ve also spoken to many users who have taken advantage of the Knack Toolkit Library that @CSWinnall mentions and have found it extremely valuable.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any more questions or feedback.



Thanks @Kara for mentioning the KTL - it’s appreciated!

@Matthew_Freed I can tell you that Knack is by far the best platform out there. I’ve been developing on it full time for more than 4 years now for several companies. One of them is an industrial manufacturer that heavily relies on Knack to track all activities of their 24/7 production plant. So it’s got to be reliable and performant.

About the bulk operations, I recommend that you watch videos 1 (13:30) and 4 here: Cortex R&D Inc. - YouTube

You will see how easy it is to use the Bulk Edit, Delete and Copy features.

The KTL library is Open Source and highly customizable.

Feel free to contact me or join the GitHub page if you have any questions or need assistance.

Normand D.


Thanks for pointing me to the KTL. It looks interesting, but still lacking and cumbersome for what should be a basic, inherent function within Knack. I’m going to keep harping on this issue until the folks at Knack roll it out because it’s been requested multiple times by multiple people going back to 2015 and is, quite frankly, a basic function that should have been there from the beginning.

I agree, I’ve tried building out an app for my particular use case for about 5 years now and keep running into the same issue… we would require to bulk allocate dates to large number of records but for complex reasons isn’t something we could automate and checkboxes would be by far the easiest way. While I believe knack covers the 90% of perfectly it’s the 10% thats keeping me from being able to complete the project. It does seem many other products have check boxes as standard so fingers crossed we will finally get checkboxes in 2024.

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May I ask why the KTL is not something you’re considering as a solution for Bulk Edits?
I’d be glad to assist you if you have any questions or concerns.



I’ve been checking out your videos on youtube and its awesome, its definitely a game changer for me and going to implement on my app.

AFAIAC, Knack should be striving to provide full data manipulation. One shouldn’t have to go to Make to manage data. Make and Zapier should be available for access to third-party services. But Knack should handle the internal stuff out of the box.

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