Bulk-add records (shopping list) functionality

There are many situations where it would be useful to set up the equivalent of a "shopping list" or "product list" and then let the user enter quantities and add products in bulk to their cart.

For example, a customer buys 7 supplies on a monthly basis. I can create a shopping list table for them that lists supplies A-G. Right now they have to click through each one to add a quantity and add to cart. Each time, a connected record is created.

Ideally, there would be a list of all items and one or more inputs in a table view. At the bottom a batch submit button would iterate through the items and create connected records for each.

This is currently possible using Javascript but it is: A) very cumbersome to implement; B) extremely slow to iterate and input multiple connected records.

Hey Danny,

I'd be interested in helping resolve the Javascript issue here. Within our app, we queue our records and post them in parallel to the API. We've written a very easy to use function that can speed up your dev time and record posting time, without having to wait for each record to finish posting before the next one begins.

More specifically, it helps when tying records to a parent record, like line items to a sales order, or duplicating records such as duplicating lines on a quote to a new quote.

If that's something you're interested in, I'd be happy to help out!


Taylor Wise


Check out some of our other available functions. 

Exactly what i need as well though i would not know where to start with Javascript.  That is why i use Knack so i dont have to know.