How to Create Multiple Records in a Connected Object, after creating a record

Hi anyone that is able to help me out! :)

I am trying to create a process where following the creation of a Record ("EventOccurrence"), it will then create multiple records in a connected object/table, so that I can record scores for members via a table format (so easy to mass enter lots of small bits of data)

I currently have the following ....  We create an "EventOccurrence", which records the type of event, date, time etc. I also have a table of "Members".  My aim is once I have created an EventOccurrence, it will create X amounts of records in an "EventScore", which creates a link between "EventOccurence" and "Member" and allow me to enter a score.

So if i have 50 members (again, ideally have a rule to do this only for "Active" members based on a date field we record), so the "EventScore" table will be populated with : 

Member1  ::  EventOccurrenceA  ::  SCORE

Member2  ::  EventOccurenceA  ::  SCORE

Member3  ::  EventOccurrenceA  ::  SCORE


where the Score is left blank, and then I can easily do a Table View, with filter by EventOccurence, and I will then have a list of all 50 members just waiting for entry of a score.

I hope that makes sense, and if anyone can point me in the right direction. So far, I can only see the "After Submit, Create Record", but it creates just 1.. not 1 for each record in the connected table.   Thank you !!

Hi Julian - Thanks for point me in that direction .. I set up with Integromat, and initially overwhelmed by all of that! Bit of playing around, and I think I've got it working how I need it.


Also now have more ideas to play with, so much appreciated for your help

Hi Benji

The best way to do this is with Integromat. On new record, get it to read all the member records (using your criteria for active) and then create a linked record for each - really quite simple to do.