Integromat - Create record with multiple ids in a many connection field

I'm currently using integromate to create a new record in an object. This record has a (many) connection field and I need to add multiple ids to this field. I'm struggling with entering the correct structure that is used in this connection field when I have the "Mapped" option turned on. I've tried multiple array structions with not success. If any has done this before and can help out it would be appreciated.

Tony, I really appreciate you taking the time to write that out. It was exactly what I needed to figure out my issue. Thanks for all the screenshots as well. Very helpful.

Hi Dee Jay,
I am trying to do almost exactly this - adding multiple connections to a single record using Integromat. Don’t suppose you are willing to share what the aggregate steps / structure looks like are you?
Many thanks

Hello Hugo,

This is the approach that I ended taking ( see screenshots ). I needed to grab all of the connection ids from one object and then add them to another object. View the screenshots below and it should make sense. The “Set Variable” module contains the list of connection ids in the correct format that can now be used in another “many” connection field. Let me know if you have questions.

Thanks Dee Jay for coming back to me.
I did end up solving it (about 1/2 hour ago!) in the end but it took some help from another Make guru. Interestingly we did it without looping but by searching for occurrences of a certain single project record across all contact records, then aggregating the record IDs of the results found and adding them to the project record.

It’s always good to see another way of doing it though, so thank you.

All the best