Internal Server Error when there are many records to be stored in a field of type connection

Hello, good afternoon!

I am currently using an integration with Integromat and I have ran into an issue that is becoming problematic for the company.

We have a field of type Connection that may need to have a lot of data inside. It is connected to many people.

When it needs to be updated on Integromat, I get a 500 Internal Server Error when I try to update this field into having 20+ connections inside, no matter how many times I try.

When it has less than 20 connections inside it works fine though. More often than not we need to have 50+ connections inside this field and this is currently affecting our application significantly.

Also, when this field is updated one by one in Knack (not as a bunch like in integromat) it works and data gets stored correctly.

Moreover, if we want to check the changes on this field, we simply can’t access changes from the Record History. Here goes an example:

So it’s getting hard to manage this situation :confused:

Thank you in advance for any help.

Have a good day,

Hello, I have reported this bug but no one answers as well, I was hoping someone over here would help out. Thank you

Hi Sofia, sorry for the long response time here - we’re dealing with a high volume of support requests and are working through them as fast as we can.

We’ll investigate this and we’ll get back to you in the ticket that you’ve submitted as soon as we’ve any insights.

This is truly shameful. I have submitted this ticket a month ago and I still have no answer. My company is struggling with this issue, and knack is becoming less and less a company we want to work with. I would appreciate answers.

Hi Sofia - we’re truly sorry for the support experience you’ve had. We strive to do better, but we’re currently dealing with a very high volume of support requests, and we’re aware of the long support response times.

We’re working on amending this in a few different ways - firstly, our engineering is working on a number of issues in the new environment which would cut down request volume. Secondly, we’re aggressively hiring to expand our support team in order to be able to deal with the incoming requests quicker.

As far as your issue is concerned, I believe Cesar from our support team had responded to your ticket 162436 yesterday - have you had a chance to see his response? Working with him would be the best way to get on top of this issue.

Once again, this is not the support experience we’re comfortable with either - and this is something we’re working on improving presently.

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Thank you, yes I am in communication with him already. Thanks