Speed issues

I have a database with 658 records, using 274mb on the Pro plan. I use very few calculations and have followed the guidelines for optimizing performance. I have noticed that the time to create or edit a record is becoming extreme. By extreme, I mean up to 30 seconds. We tested this on different browsers and different networks. here are are some results from testing.

1. Create new record with 5 fields and no photos 3.9s

2. Create record and update 1 field 7.5s

3. Create record, update 1 field, and create a new related record 14sec to 30 sec

I can gain some improvement by using Integromat to perform some duties, but it makes the system extremely reliant on both Knack and Integromat working. I am finding that anything above 10 secs kills enthusiasm for entering data. Fortunately, viewing records is very fast. 

I am wondering if other users have had similar issues and if there are ways to work around it. 

I ran a little test with an app that has the same issue as described above. I copied the app with the records and without changing anything the new app is performing well. Which makes it hard to understand that the slow downs are linked to the complexity of the app.

Also having speed issues. In the process of "selling" Knack to other partners in our firm. I am holding off any future demos until I can be certain the speed issues are rectified.

It turns out the problem had nothing to do with my programming, the issue was with Knack servers. They made some changes and the issue resolved. Everything was good until today; exactly the same issue. The variability in performance is really a problem

Yes - I am having the same speed issues. I haven't found a way to significantly increase the speed...

@ChuckLaw46759 My company used to have similar issues. Which department do you use Knack for within your company?