Slow response time

Anyone else seeing very slow response time in the builder and on the live site?

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I’m n the UK so on Frankfurt AWS. Not seeing any unusual issues today. May be worth raising a ticket to so they can investigate your specific app.

Yes, I have noticed a significant slow down especially in the app. I am in Virginia. It is currently taking 30-45 seconds to save a new record and render the next page. I emailed Knack support yesterday. This issue could tank months of development. We can’t deploy our new customer app if this isn’t resolved.

We’re on the Virginia server as well. Did you get any feedback from Knack?

Not yet. Just a auto reply that they received it yesterday.

This sounds like the server your apps on is congested. I’ve not had record submission times that high before but it certainly sounds like there is an issue. Hopefully support will come back to you shortly.

We are still experiencing a slow response time. Here’s the error that I receive while I’m waiting the 2 minutes for the record to save. It eventually does save but it’s painfully slow. We are in the final stages of testing before deploying a customer app. This issue need resolution before we can do that. This particular form does not have any custom code tied to it. After submission, the child page that renders has some but in watching the console.log I believe the issue is prior to that page attempting to render.

I’ve sent another email to Knack support with additional information. Hopefully we can get this resolved promptly. @GaryStark10384 how’s your response time?

It’s been pretty slow too. I’ve emailed about seeing if the server is overloaded. Haven’t heard back on that yet. Please keep me in the loop about what you hear and I’ll do the same.

My app was moved to a faster server on Thursday which has made a huge difference in response time. Adding a record was taking 90-120 seconds and now down to about 7 (executing custom API code).

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That’s fantastic! Thanks so much for letting me know!!

Yes, my primary super user has been complaining for a little over two weeks about poor response times. Now that I know this is a server congestion issue, I can ask Knack to move our app. Thanks so much.