Extremely Poor Performance and Lack of Support

Anyone else having issues with Knack performing poorly the past 7 days or so?  Today I'm updating 96 records in one object through the builder and it's taken 15 min to just update 1/2.  I submitted a ticket, but of course the response is 24+ hrs even though on the corp plan. 

I have had my app migrated many times before to a server "with less congestion" only to have the same thing happen about a month later.  Each time they migrated it, the only option to do so is during working hours which takes down the production environment.  Extremely frustrated at this point, see so much potential but the constant slowness and lack of support, not even close to their stated SLA's, are starting to become deal breakers.  

Hey Delter,

I've unfortunately experienced the same issues as you with a client of mine. I understand the Knack team has been busy working on the new builder for some time. However, these issues have been happening for quite a while, with several clients of mine, and no clear path to this being fixed.

If you're perhaps interested in a custom developed solution or for suggestions on perhaps improving your data structure, please feel free to contact me at david@hmnd.io and I'd be happy to chat.