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Hi Guys, I have a huge app with many users using it and I still did not migrate to the new Performance Enviroment until its solid stable and compatible with the legacy structure. I would like to collect the experience of you that are using it to understand if migrating to it is something I should considerer in the next 2 or 3 months or if its better to wait until all main errors are fixed. To me and my users, stabilitity is crucial as we deal with deadlines that cannot be postpone.


Just to make sure you get the size of my app, I have more than 2.6m records and a huge page structure.

More of a question for Knack I feel :blush:
@Bill - could you comment.

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Totally not a question we could answer in the forums either, sorry @Guilherme. Outside of the fact that it’s a transition that everyone is going to have to make at some point, we obviously want it to be a seamless operation. If you’re looking for a more in depth discussion on it, shoot us an email at

Since the performance upgrade we’ve been experiencing slow load times for live pages and constant connection timeout errors when using the builder throughout most of our apps. It’s extremely frustrating when trying to make builder updates but you keep getting disconnected. We’re getting “504 Gateway Error Timeout" for live pages which rarely happened previously. Sometimes when submitting forms in live pages or completing batch updates using the builder the wheel will just keeps spinning or doesn’t indicate any actions have occurred. Not impressed with the performance of the upgrade. Was sold to us an improvement of service but it’s been disappointing so far. Better to wait long as you can before upgrade.

Don’t migrate until they make you. My apps have been broken since August. They’re continuing to try to fix things, but seriously, broken since August. Don’t migrate until you are forced to.

I agree with Marc1 and Deanna, wait until you have to make the transition - hopefully when that does happen, the new environment is more stable.

We really regret making the move. It broke all sorts of stuff and load times is not consistent - sometimes it would be super fast, and a minute later would stall page load. Also a lot of API issues, especially with call limits, from our experience, it is not 10/s as advertised as we have spaced our calls to 10-15s per call and we’d still get 429 errors…

Outside of that, love all the new enhancements and features to the Builder.

I am in exactly the same position with a very lage and complex app thats runs quite a big sales company. The current speed on the OLD system fluctuates a lot and sometimes for short periods is unusable but at least the app works properly otherwise. I have been in communication with Knack about this and they are suggesting a “copy migrate” to the new environment that is then used by myself and selected users for testing. I have 2 other medium apps that have moved over, but the small issues with filters, “contains” etc made it really hard for a week or so to have to change tables, reports etc and there is no speed improvement AT ALL for these user. My advice would be contact them and discuss a test enviroment that doesnt impact on your record count.

Thanks everyone for sharing your feedback and concerns here - just wanted to let you know that everything related to emergent issues and performance in the new environment is being treated as highest priority items by our engineering team.

In any case, if you run into any issues with the new environment, or have any concerns or questions you can always reach out to us at or via the in-app messenger, if you haven’t already done so, and we’d be happy to address those as soon as we can.

Id suggest holding off as long as you can.

The only improvement I’ve noticed are bulk deletes and bulk imports from within the builder (which are much faster). Other than that I agree with the above comments - regularly very slow live app performance, and many connection errors in the builder. Very frustrating.

Is anyone else having issues with multiple records being created in knack from a single Zap run?

Dean, this might not necessarily be a performance issue - in any case, could you submit a ticket to so that we could take look if you haven’t already done so? Thanks!

Hello everyone, I am in the same situation as you!
Huge slowdown in forms that take more than 1 minute to register! (our users are going crazy)

Our application is in production is strategic for the company,
I uploaded video captures so that the support can see the slowdown.

after several exchanges and a suggestion from me indicate that the problem has happened since the last performance update, the support to concede to a technical problem which was in the process of being resolved!

(found a solution quickly thank you)

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Hi Marek,

I have let support know but havent had a response. These zaps have been in place for years and only started doing this after the performance upgrade

I apologize! Thanks for communicating in the chat! I’m sorry we haven’t been able to find you relief for this issue so far. We’re going to keep working it.

Hi Everyone, We too have a very large complicated app, with many connections and calculations for , CRM, orders, system processing etc etc.
We are using the new environment and to be frank it is still too slow to load programs.
We no longer complain as we were told not to by the support staff

As Guilherme has said, we need a stable accurate system as we support UK health systems

I think they have a long way to go before the dreaded spinning circles go away.

I hope they stop adding visual features and concentrate on the back end.

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Either they have no idea how to fix it, or something else is wrong. Do you think we will ever know what really happend here because someone for sure made a big decision that was a mistake. No way is this environment better and dispite bugs being fixed we are still not back to where we were before the move. The actual user experience is mostly awful. I find myseft totally frustrated with it at times.

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Kara Peabody has recently joined Knack as our new Product Manger. Kara brings a wealth of experience from a similar tech background which has seen phenomenal growth over the last few years. I’ve spoken with her several times and found her to be extremely driven, honest, passionate and laser focused.
I’ve been a Knack Partner for many years and have also been suffering similar frustrations to others. However, I have never felt so confident in Knacks future since Resurgens investment in August. Over the past few months there has been a rapidly increasing number of new highly skilled personnel joining the team.
I feel very confident that with @Kara heading up the product team we will see positive changes.

Please see Kara’s post for more detail:

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I won’t give you my opinion, just the facts. It is a fact that my transition to the Performance Environment has been a negative one. Apps still run slow, Equations suddenly stop working and the system overall is just not stable. I am taking a lot of heat from my client over issues that I can’t control or fix. Very frustrating.