Poor performance and reliability - massive slow downs

Community and Knack team,

Like many Knack clients, I'm sure, Knack has become an important part of our business. I have a global team of 5 people who are working in our Knack app at various times over 12 hours, 6 days a week. We've only been using Knack for about a month and there have been several times, especially in the last week, where the system gets bogged down to the point where it becomes unusable - usually it lasts for 5-10 minutes, but sometimes longer - in fact, one is happening right now - starting at 4:05pm eastern on 11/11. As another example, I had an issue last week where an export of 500kb of data took over 20 minutes.

This is a general thread meant to open a discussion about how clients with key business applications can ensure more reliable performance. I personally am open to a discussion where a more premium plan is involved. Uptime is not the only question though - at this moment, while the system is technically up, it is taking 2+ minutes to load pages, so it's not usable.

What are the options? Is this on the roadmap?

I used the "Emergency Contact" choice within my account in the builder.  

Thanks again Andrew. May i just know how you got in touch with the support team, the chat doesn't seem to work great for me

Im not that tech savvy to check, all I know is that sometimes its speed performance is really bad - they have increased server capacity in response to my report today though, and currently everything is back to normal.


Thanks Andrew

What i find hard to understand is that the same action can have some very different processing time as per below from 1s to 45s

Yes, some of my apps have been very slow recently, and one was un-usable this morning ... reported it, and they are "looking at it" - another app needed a server re-boot this morning but I dont think was a speed issue. 

Anyone running on a Eu server facing major slow down in user login, form submission in the last 5 days?