Insert Multiple Connected Records

Has anyone found a repeatable way to achieve this? Any javascript I come across seems to fall down. 

The use case seems pretty straight forward - create a work order with 1o jobs, have the jobs and ids create on the work order submissions.

I'm a non technical user and have taught myself a lot of css and js over the months of using but this one has truly stumped me. 

Any direction would be greatly appreciated. 

369481659772 thanks for the heads up - I'll certainly try to not setup any infinite loops! It all happens so fast!

Funny story about repeat and integromat. I wrote a little infinite loop accidentally into one of my integromat scenarios. When I ran it to test it using run once. I watched it repeat over 10,000 times in a matter of seconds. Thank god inegromat was nice enough to roll my account back

Julian I want to thank you so much. You've not only helped solve my immediate issue but added a super power to my tool box. Appreciate you taking the time to point me in the right direction.


9144729187! At first glance I think this is def the right track, thank you! I will dive into the post and Integromat this aft. Much appreciated. 

This sounds like a job for Integromat - check out my blog posts 'Programming' Knack with Integromat:


Link to Part 1