Integromat New Record detection issue

I'm trying to use Integromat to update a field in a newly created connected record but it doesn't seem to detect "new records" that are created as a connected record. Does anyone else have this issue?

Sorry for the late reply on this. I have a link in a table called "complete". When the user clicks it, a window will pop open and then they can click the complete button which updates the status and then creates a new task. The problem is that the new record that is created is not detected. I know that I can detect changes to the initial record and then create a record from Integromat but every time the record is updated it interacts with Integromat and uses operations. I'm trying to think of a work around but hitting a wall.

Yes, this is correct it has to be a new record that was created as the result of a form submit or action link. You can use the normal NON-instant new record detect in Integromat that will check a record every few minutes depending on your Integromat plan. This will detect the new record by checking the autoincrement in the record and if there has been new incremental records since its last check. 

Tell me your use case if you want instant i might have an idea.