Trigger Jquery Listener for insert connected record action link

Is it possible to listen for an insert connected record action link. When I create a connected record via an action link it never works. i can listen for them in every other context but i cannot figure this out. 

Thanks Loic - hadn't thought of that.  Email has say the object name in the subject, and record ID in the body.  Integromat then parses that monitoring an email address somewhere...

Another option might be to swap the action link for an edit record form - a popup with Javascript to submit the form automatically, and run record rules, Javascript and/or Integromat function from there all while showing the user something.

Some ideas anyway Tony!

Brad thank you ... Integromat can't either it follows the same rule dynamic :(

Hey Tony,

Pretty sure none of the event listeners for records is triggered by action links - you're best option is Integromat mate!