Trigger Zapier when record rule submits connected record

As a business user with multiple connected applications, I want to send a record to a third party app using Zapier every time a form rule submits a connected record.

Currently a form rule that inserts a connected record is not recognized by Zapier as a new record.

Why not try Integromat instead of Zapier - it has search capabilities so you can have a 'Scenario' which runs frequently and searches the database for matches.

Additionally, Integromat can also update and delete Knack records greatly increasing the scope and has much more sophisticated logic capabilities. It's UI is amazing as well!!

If you want to find out more about Integromat click here.

Upvote! This is essential when working even one or two layers into an application. I very often can ONLY insert a connected record rather than create a new one.

My use case - I want to raise a helpdesk ticket when a record meets certain criteria. However, a lot of the required information is on connected records and so not available in Zapier or email. So, I insert a connected record with all the information I need and (I wish!) this triggers Zapier <new record>.

It would really be more if this feature exists

"Also, trigger Zapier when records are added via API"   would be a game changer for us.

+1, this would be really good.  Also, trigger Zapier when records are added via API

I've requested this as well before. It really changes the game. It would also allow Knack -> Knack zaps for records not directly connected to be created down the chain. 

Would you mind sharing your work around?

Great suggestion, this would really open up more possibilities and solve problems. 

Thanks for the bump Pål-- I’m glad to know I’m not the only person in the world who values this suggestion. :smiley:



This would open up a lot of new possibilities!