Zapier Updates - April 2018

We have a new Zapier integration and we need your help testing it! This new app includes some long-awaited updates, such as the "Update" action and other useful updates to make your apps even more powerful.

How do I join?

The integration is now live! You can use it by adding a new zap or editing your existing zap to use any of the new actions / triggers.

Do I need to recreate my Zaps?

Since this is a new Zapier app, you do need to recreate any Knack step so that it uses the new app instead.

Will my old Zaps still work?

Yes, your zaps will always work with the original integration.

What's new?


  • "Updated Record" triggers will now be triggered by inline edits in tables.


  • New "Search" action: Looks up a Knack record using a unique field value and returns all record values.
  • New "Update Record" action: Looks up a Knack record using a unique field value and updates any of its fields.


  • Complex field properties now work properly. i.e "URL" property of a file field will now work properly.
  • Tons of internal unit tests! This will help us test the Zapier integration easier and avoid regressions to existing functionality.
  • New Knack connections in Zapier will now have the app name populated by default.


As always, we welcome any feedback! If you're having any technical issues, please open a ticket with our support team.

So happy to read this!!!

Hi, can i ask a question, i have trouble with updating records as per this post;

its a very long post, so for TLDR, i struggle with adding info to a record, rather than overwriting the record.

Does this use of zapier make this solution easier? 

I've been wanting this for sooo long!! You guys are the best!!!!!!!


Huge update! No more manual webhooks and workarounds. Nice one guys

Reading this made my day! Thanks a lot for your hard work and making knack even more flexible.

You guys are the best. This is a fantastic update!