Product Updates - June 25, 2018


Action Links

We’re thrilled to announce an exciting new feature: Action Links! Action Links are a link type that you can add to tables, lists, maps, calendars, or details views. They allow Live App users to trigger Builder defined actions behind the scenes by clicking a link on a view.

Action links open up all sorts of dynamic functionality, including:

  • Changing the status of a record to “completed” and setting the time that action was taken
  • Updating a record’s assignment to the logged-in user
  • Approving a record and sending an email confirmation

Actions Links can trigger the following actions - update this record, update connected records, insert a connected record, or send a custom email - as available in form rules, but these don’t require a form submission. We can’t wait to see how Action Links make your app workflows smoother!

See our full support article here.


Our Zapier integration release includes some major updates to make your apps even more powerful! Upgrades to note:

  • “New Record” and “Updated Record” triggers can now be generated by record rules as well as inline edits
  • New “Search” action that allows you to look up a Knack record using a unique field value and return all the record’s values.
  • New “Update Record” action can look up a Knack record using a unique field value and update any of its fields.
  • Complex field properties now work properly, including the “URL” property of a file field
  • New Knack connections in Zapier will now have the app name populated by default.

All existing Zaps will still work with the original integration, but if you’d like to take advantage of these new features, you can update your Zaps at any time. You can read our full blog post here.

New Equation Function netWorkDays()

We have added a new function to Equations fields to calculate only business (week) days. The function is called netWorkDays() and can be used in equation fields where the Equation Type is Numeric. It requires two parameters eg netWorkDays({Start Date},{End Date}). If you want to use a field value in the parameters, you can only select Date type fields from the list of available fields.

Purge Deleted Records

When enabled, “Purge Deleted Records” will remove all associated backups and record history for records deleted via the Builder or the Live App. Deleted records cannot be restored.

It's best to only turn this on when you are helping one of your users when they are reaching out to you to exercise their data subject rights under GDPR or other regulations.

Purge Email Addresses from Email Logs (upon request)

To ensure GDPR compliance, we have added functionality to purge email addresses from email logs upon request. If you are helping one of your users who are reaching out to you to exercise their data subject rights under GDPR or other regulations, our support team can help with this request by writing to us at


Image Fields

Color profiles are now preserved on image asset uploads. Previous code had been incorrectly discarding color profiles.


  • Fixed an issue where Clear All Records was not resetting auto inc values
  • Date/Time & Calendar Issues
    • Fixed an issue with adding all-day calendar events to a single day from the calendar view add event modal
    • Fixed issue where end dates/times weren't importing to date/time field with calendar options switched on
    • Fixed an issue where EU-format dates with calendar options set and an "end date" for repeat options would save as "invalid date"
    • Fixed an issue where with Validation Rules 'Is After Today' rule was being incorrectly triggered when today and time between 12PM-1PM
    • Fixed an issue where when updating a record via the API, passing in certain time formats to a Date/Time field caused the API to return the error: "Date/Time must be a valid date."
    • Fixed an issue where the API/Zapier inconsistently brings in incorrect date for EU date format values
  • Knack Standard Theme issues
    • Fixed an issue on Details & List views where some values were displaying field contents in one-char-per-line
    • Fixed an issue on Details & List views where many-to-many values were not correctly being separated
  • Fixed issue where customers in the EU were not able to add template apps to their account
  • Improved a behavior where popovers were getting closed prematurely when clicking around within datepickers and could lead to an invalid redirect
  • Fixed issue where connection field displayed Record ID (instead of value) when "Add new Option" is used
  • Fixed an issue where Account objects with multiple email fields could have the wrong email field used in the "changed by" section of record history
  • Fixed an issue where on the “Close” on calendar event edits showed the word instead of the icon
  • Removed change field type, conditional, and validation rules from E-commerce field settings dropdowns
  • Fixed an issue where shared builder only accounts were unable to reset their passwords
  • Fixed an issue where rating fields were not correctly triggering display rules
  • Fixed an issue where Chrome’s autocomplete was overlapping with the Address Autocomplete feature