Product Updates - September 25, 2018


  • Improved how to:many fields are merged into email subject lines.
  • Updatesd .ics calendar event output to use CRLF (`\r\n`) as line endings instead of just LF (`\n`) per standards.


  • Imports
    • Blank values in connection fields in CSV imports now correctly overwrite populated values in those fields that match existing records.
    • Imports to date fields with calendar options with a to: time on the same starting date (e.g. "from 8/29/2018 5:30pm to 6:30pm") now map correctly.
    • Imports matching existing records that update the status field in the User objects now work as expected.
  • Action Links
    • Fixed an issue where action links were not properly triggering the action (and no error message was shown) from columns or groups that were not the first one.
    • Fixed a Builder display issue around action links that send multiple emails.
  • Reports
    • Fixed an issue where report showing small value ranges were displaying duplicate y-axis labels.
    • Fixed a pivot tables issue around calculations on multiple connected record values.
  • Knack Standard Theme
    • Fixed a print CSS issue where table views were printing overlapped.
    • Updated Date/Time and Timer field component display in the Knack Standard theme.
  • Updated value links in tables to better accommodate connection fields.
  • Fixed an issue where image thumbnail columns were being removed from views when the source image fields are updated.
  • Fixed an issue where a Name field title of “none” was displaying as “Title” in the Live App.
  • Fixed an issue where Date/Time fields in the dd/mm format used in rules were displaying as "aN/aN/NaN" in the Builder.
  • Fixed an issue where Builder tooltips were showing with a black background.