Product Updates - August 10, 2018

Welcome back for our latest product announcement!


Security UI Improvements

We heard from customers that some of the UI and messaging around our security features made it a bit difficult to figure out next steps. Per this feedback, we’ve updated messaging and visuals throughout these features to make them more clear in general.

  1. Live App Failed Logins
    1. Updated default message to make next steps clearer.
    2. A password reset link now takes the customer directly to the reset when "Allow user to request password reset to unlock account" is enabled.
  2. Live App Inactivity Logout
    1. Styling now matches regular Knack modals, text has been updated to make next steps clearer and buttons on modal match this text.
  3. Builder Failed Logins
    1. Updated Builder lockout message to make next steps clearer.
  4. Builder Inactivity Logout
    1. Styling now matches regular Knack modals, text has been updated to make next steps clearer and buttons on modal match this text.
    2. Session expired takes you to "Your session has expired" modal login window - not to Builder login. Logging back in on this modal takes you back to your place in the Builder instead of the first object of the app.


Routing has been added so that private servers and HIPAA accounts can access Zapier integrations.

Account Cancellations

Upon deleting a paid account, the account email address is now removed from the Mailchimp subscription list.


  • App copies
    • Improved checks around copying assets and server messages to lower error rate on app copies
    • Connection values in display rules now correctly persist on app copies
  • Date/Time Fields
    • Table data source filters filtering on time-only date fields now persist on save
    • Fixed end-time handling for calendar-repeat events in dd/mm/yyyy date format
    • Browser autocomplete on date pickers is now disabled, preventing annoying overlap between the browser functionality and Knack field inputs
  • Exports
    • Displaying the same field via multiple connections now works properly with exports
    • Blank connection fields no longer appear in exported .csv as “undefined”
  • Improved filtering for yes/no fields in non-English languages
  • Restored functionality for open registration forms that require user approval; the app admin now gets these emails again
  • Scroll position is properly retained after inline edits in tables
  • In embedded apps, expired password emails and re-directs now use the embedded domains
  • Decoupled app settings from app user settings, fixing an issue that could potentially change an app’s timezone
  • Source fields with a “must be unique” setting are now better handled after field conversion
  • Fixed an issue where app schema changes made while image fields process thumbnails could be lost
  • Knack Standard Theme “full-width” option is now better handled by embeds
  • Fixed an issue where some portrait-oriented photo uploads were being rotated to landscape
  • Incomplete addresses used to update other addresses via record rules no longer add additional junk data
  • URL variables can no longer be used to populate connection pickers with invalid input
  • Inline edit popovers are now better contained within the browser viewport
  • Fixed a rare scenario where some equations were encountering a “self-referencing” error related to order of field creation in the object
  • The "Can't use last 3 passwords" security setting can now be properly disabled
  • Fixed an issue where a race condition didn't always refresh the page from an action link value change
  • Page rules are now properly applied when a user signs into a Live App directly to a Details page