Product Updates - October 16th, 2019


Builder 2FA

We are excited to announce two-factor authentication, or 2FA, for the Knack Builder! (Here's our blog post on it.) Enabling 2FA will add an additional layer of security to your Builder account, requiring you to provide a randomly-generated six-digit code from an authentication app of your choosing.

You can read more on how to enable two-factor authentication here.


Stripe SCA

If you missed it, we published details on Knack and the new Stripe SCA guidelines.

Translation Updates

We made updates to the translations of Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, Norwegian, Italian, German & Czech. Thanks to all who submitted updates!

Data Retention

In the interest of keeping our customers well-informed of what goes on behind the scenes at Knack, including the ins and outs of account management, we recently added more details on data retention to our About Knack Accounts support article. This includes information on the regular backups we run to keep your data safe, as well as the availability and process for app restores.

We hope you find this helpful! Please reach out to if you have any questions about the policy.


  • Page rules are now correctly re-run when redirecting to parent pages from form submissions on child pages.
  • Imports to User Role objects containing user role field values are now properly handled.
  • Fixed an issue that could have caused file uploads in EU apps to not complete correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where existing records would not geocode after toggling the field-level geocoding setting.
  • Fixed an issue that caused copies of apps containing empty User Role objects to never complete.
  • Fixed a browser compatibility issue with Safari related to multiple choice fields.
  • Fixed an issue where a form submit button would send an endless spinner if "re-direct to child page" form on a modal was closed.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Image or Signature fields to appear not to be included in emails.