Product Updates - June 11th, 2019

As mentioned in the Knack Roadmap, we are hard at work on designing a new Builder from scratch and overhauling our backend infrastructure, so this regular announcement has been a bit delayed, apologies! Some of this infrastructure work has included addressing inefficiencies in app schemas - such as on how rules are applied in app schemas and loading object attributes, as well as resourcing read & write queries to an app to different server pools.

Other work includes:

Updates & Upgrades

  • HERE Maps! We’ve switched our map provider to HERE Maps. You can read more on this in our “Knack & HERE Maps” post.
  • Added better handling for Zapier fields calls to only pull connection values required for samples instead of all connection values. This significantly improves issues with timeout errors when pulling in samples.
  • Provide option for HIPAA accounts to purge records on delete, rather than requiring this
  • Added management for Google+ OAuth shutdown


  • Added better handling for shared builders. You can now add the same shared builder to multiple apps without counting against your shared builder total multiple times.
  • Added better handling for deleting the last page in an app structure, preventing a broken schema state.
  • Added better handling for setting up custom OAuth SSO providers to not allow saving them with a space in the name.
  • Updated how we load babel/polyfill to better prevent errors around scenarios where it could potentially be loaded twice PR.
  • Fixed an issue where Number fields in Decimals or Percentage format were sequenced incorrectly in reports.
  • Fixed an issue on Search views where searching multiple choice or connection fields with multiple match set to "all" would return no results.
  • Imports
    • Fixed an import issue where particular Windows line endings could throw the error `Invalid closing quote at line 965; found "\r" instead of delimiter ","` and cause imports to fail.
    • Fixed an import issue where import files without a header row could not be imported.
  • Fixed an issue where email history appeared to show emails stuck as “sending”.
  • Conditional rules using connection values now work correctly in copied apps.
  • Fixed an issue that could have caused action links to take a long time to save.
  • Fixed an issue with creating new account user role records where the user was getting saved to the write server, but not indexed to the read server so was sending an error message that the user already exists but was not findable.
  • Fixed an issue where connection field values weren’t showing connected records on live app user registration forms.
  • Fixed an issue that could have caused view filters to be lost on page redirects, when they were expected to remain persistent.

Is this the Builder Update Knack has been talking about or are these other updates preparing for the Builder Update?