Product Updates - April 10

This week we added some usability improvements to the builder and more fixes.


We made a bunch of changes to how our menus are organized in the builder so things are grouped more clearly and it's easier to navigate to what you need.

Click here for a write-up from our blog.


  • Similar to our field deletes, we made some dramatic improvements on object deletions, where in some scenarios we saw almost 80% improvements.


  • We fixed some redirects to our Single Sign-On that had been affected by provider changes.
  • App names that include special characters now appear properly on the Knack dashboard.
  • Some conditional rules based on date field values that weren't working have been fixed.


We have some features in final testing (user pages and search connection filters) that should be launching soon.

We're also sending out our final wave of beta test invites for the new Knack theme. Depending on what that reveals, we'll then be scheduling and planning our launch to start using the new theme in live apps!

Thanks on the conditional rules and dates - we were just about to log an issue on one of these and then...fixed!

Keep up the great work and communications.