Product Updates - April 31, 2017

Wrapping up April with some major roadmap work to push some projects across the finish line.


  • Fixed some Firefox browser issues on editing reports.
  • Some complex connection scenarios with reports that were throwing errors were fixed.


  • Changed how filters are applied to live app URLs to accommodate natural back button behavior. 
  • Continued work on improving forms to prevent redundant submits and better handle submissions via return key.
  • CMD-S will now save in the custom javascript and CSS editors.
  • Started a project to add more usability to the Builder records view by enabling field edits and controls right from the records table.


We're wrapping up our new Knack theme by testing embeds. The current plan is a silent rollout next week so you can officially add the new Knack theme to your apps.

Our first E-Commerce upgrade around saving customer payment profiles is about to enter testing! We'll be looking for beta-testers so reach out if you are interested.

User Pages is wrapped up and waiting on some support content to go live.

Heya! Has the new theme been rolled out yet? How do I apply it? 


I'd be happy to jump on board for recurring payment testing.