Product Updates - September 17th, 2019

New Knack Builder

We’ve launched the beta program for the new Builder with a small set of testers who are busy testing things out! Our engineering team is actively fixing those issues as they come in.

Send us a note at if you haven’t already let us know that you’re interested in testing. If you’ve already reached out and haven’t received an invite yet, never fear, you’ll get one just as soon as we’re ready for more testers.

You can find details on the new Builder here:


We are always looking for ways to more efficiently help our customers. This means building systems and tools so we can get to the root of the question and getting back to our customers as quickly as possible.

With that in mind we have improved our internal tools to provide our team with better insight into Live App pages that require logins. This new tool will allow our support team to access Live App pages behind logins for the purpose of troubleshooting, in addition to current access to the Builder.

This is enabled for all customers with a few exceptions:

  • Customers on Plus 1, Plus 2 and Plus 3 plans will have the option to disable this from the Security section of their App settings, however our support team will not be able to support the Live App without access.
  • This is not available for customers on HIPAA, GovCloud or Private server plans. Support access can be provided by adding as a shared builder when access is needed.


  • Action links
    • Action links that send emails will now correctly include images. The {PAGE URL} & {PARENT PAGE URL} tokens will now display correct links in those emails as well.
    • Display rule icons are now better supported in action links. They are now included within the link href, and are accommodated in scenarios where the action link consists of an icon only.
    • Action links that update a record and then send an email now correctly perform those actions synchronously; emails sent this way now include the updated values.
  • Calendar views
    • Fixed an issue where "Show records connected to this form's X" input filter did not work on an Add Form on a Calendar view.
    • Editing the first event in a series no longer appears to duplicate that event on the Live App Calendar view.
    • It is now possible to delete the first event in a repeating event in a Calendar view.
    • Fixed a z-index issue where the page menu dropdown would sit behind calendar events.
  • Conditional rules on multi-part fields (Name, Phone, Email, Date/Time, etc.) are now more accurate in their value comparisons.
  • Fixed an issue with complex list and details pages that could have prevented maps from loading correctly.
  • The getDateLastDateOfMonth() function now returns correct results for the first of the month.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented batch deletes on records containing assets from completing.
  • Added better handling for “is before” and “is after” rule-matching criteria for time-only date fields.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented using the same radio-button-format connection picker in multiple rules in a rule set.
  • “Tabs”-format menu views with display-related Page Rules now obey those rules on other child pages they appear on.
  • Fixed an issue that caused imports to user role objects with the User Role field included to fail.
  • Fixed an issue that caused image thumbnails on List views to become undefined.
  • Improved handling for record updates made during field index jobs, preventing race conditions that could have caused records to be updated twice.
  • Report View "expand group records" tables are now better at persisting the parent view’s data source filters.
  • Fixed an issue where groups that were entirely hidden via display rules would still show the group level space.
  • Minor security improvements