Product Updates - June 6, 2017

A big update to start the month with the public beta release of our new app theme! Plus lots of fixes.

New Design Theme

We've released the new Knack theme as public beta!

This means it's now available to select as a design option for any of your apps. "Beta" means that we'll be making frequent updates and fixes based on your feedback and usage.

Although we addressed most issues during our private beta, there are still a few issues we'll be working through.

We'll also be continuing to tweak the actual markup of the CSS and HTML, so we would advise against heavy CSS/JavaScript customization until we remove the beta tag.

Lots more on the new theme here:


  • Fixed some bugs preventing individual report sorting. Still have some improvements to make here.
  • Fixed an issue where Details views had incorrect styling in "preview" mode.
  • Paragraph text fields now properly truncate when used as table links.
  • The accounts "password reset" button will now be disabled if there is no valid login in an app for the password reset emails to send users to.
  • Fixed an issue preventing date equations in year-format from properly working with ternary operators.


We added a task count to each app in your account dashboard. This way you can quickly see how many active tasks are running on that app. This is really useful if you are seeing database changes and forgot about what may be causing those.

great to see you guys are working hard to make Knack even better! Keep it up!